The history of the Company “Rodnoy Product” began in 1998. During the period of formation and development its activities were to pack cereals, sugar and flour. As far as it developed, the Company purchased its own equipment for processing grains, thus started its independent activities related to the processing of grain.

As of today the production areas are equipped with modern equipment, there is a process of constant modernization that gives an opportunity to use the original modern technology for improving the nutritional value and consumer qualities of our products.

A special attention is paid to the quality control. The Quality Control Department is equipped with its own laboratory with the latest technology, which carries outs a three-party product quality control — quality control of the accepted raw materials, the control in the manufacturing process and control of the finished products. All products have a certificate of quality, and are constantly subject to hygiene tests.

Only the products that meet the indicators of the regulatory documents are allowed to packaging and sale, which completely eliminates the possibility of low-quality products coming for sale.

The Company’s products are widely known to all customers — from small to large, because such goods such as sugar, flour, buckwheat, rice and other cereals, as well as macaroni products are always in the Ukrainians’ demand.

As of today the Company “Rodnoy Product” is one of the three leaders of the Ukrainian market among manufacturers of consumer goods.

The Company is characterized by the active marketing position in the market, and this makes it safe to say that its brands are becoming more popular and recognizable with every coming day.